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Explore our basic pricing plans at Ownteacher, where affordability meets excellence.

School Students

online tutoring

$ 12per hours

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Get Expert Online Tutoring (Grades 7-10) - Affordable, One-on-One

Master any subject (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, etc.) with our top-rated tutors for grades 7-10. Personalized online lessons at affordable prices.

*The price starts at  USD 12 (per hour)  or  INR 750 (per hour)

College Aspirant

online tutoring

$ 15per hours

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Ace Your College Entrance Exams (AP, IBDP, JEE, NEET) with Affordable Online Tutors

One-on-one tutoring for high schoolers aiming for top colleges. Conquer AP Physics, IBDP Physics, JEE, NEET, and other college admissions tests. Expert tutors, affordable prices.

*The price starts at  USD 15 (per hour)  or  INR 1000 (per hour)

College Students

online tutoring

$ 19per hours

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Struggling in Undergrad? Get Affordable Online Tutoring & Assignment Help (BTech & More)

Master any undergraduate subject (Engineering, Statistics, etc.) with our affordable online tutoring and assignment guidance expert tutors to help you excel in your studies.

The price starts at  USD 19 (per hour)  or  INR 1400 (per hour)

Beyond College

online tutoring

$ 25per hours

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Masters & Ph.D. Online Tutors: Thesis Help, Research Support

Struggling with your Masters, Ph.D., or Thesis? Get expert online tutors for affordable tutoring & support. Conquer thesis writing, research, & subject-specific challenges. Elevate your studies & unlock academic success today!

*The price starts at  USD 25 (per hour)  or  INR 2000 (per hour)

Pricing Package

Discover straightforward pricing options tailored to fit your budget, without compromising on quality.

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