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Certainly, a clear and fair refund policy is an important part of your online tutoring and assignment help website's terms and conditions. Here's an outline of what you might include in your refund policy:

**Refund Policy:**

1. **Cancellation of Services:**
Explain the conditions under which users can cancel their booked services (tutoring sessions, assignment help, etc.), such as a specific time frame before the scheduled session. Detail any associated refund amounts.

2. **Refund Eligibility:**
Clearly define the scenarios in which users are eligible for a refund. For example, this could include cases where a tutor doesn't show up, technical issues prevent the session from taking place, or the user is dissatisfied with the quality of service.

3. **Refund Process:**
Describe the steps users need to follow to request a refund, including providing necessary information and documentation to support their claim.

4. **Refund Amounts:**
Specify whether refunds will be issued in full or partial amounts. If partial refunds are possible, explain how the refund amount is determined (e.g., based on the portion of the session completed).

5. **Processing Time:**
Provide an estimated timeframe for processing refund requests and when users can expect to receive their refunds.

6. **Refund Method:**
Outline the method by which refunds will be issued (credit card reversal, PayPal refund, check, etc.).

7. **Non-Refundable Fees:**
Indicate any non-refundable fees, such as administrative or processing fees, that might apply to refund requests.

8. **Special Circumstances:**
If there are special circumstances that might impact the refund policy, such as technical issues or unforeseen events, explain how these situations will be handled.

9. **Refund Policy Changes:**
Reserve the right to modify the refund policy and explain how users will be informed of such changes.

10. **Contact for Refund Inquiries:**
Provide contact information for users to reach out for refund-related inquiries or issues.

Remember that your refund policy should be fair and transparent, offering protection to both users and your business. Consult with legal professionals to ensure that your policy aligns with applicable laws and regulations. Make sure the refund policy is easily accessible on your website, preferably on the same page where users book services or make payments.

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